The practice was established in 1992 by the two senior associates Philip Mellor-Ribet and Konstanze Neuerburg following a successful partnership in an international urban design competition for the new government quarter in Berlin.

As founding principal of MRN the idea of a European practice, a network of associated offices from different European countries coming together to share the skills and experience of each unique culture.


Sustainable development is an intelligent investment. With the increased awareness of global warming issues it is clear that the evolution of building legislation will require higher and higher standards of energy efficiency. The green solution nearly always involves higher capital investment but the long term rewards are worth considering for more than just the moral obligation that we have to future generations.

  • Government tax offsetting initiatives with subsidised ‘green’ energy installations.
  • Lower functioning costs.
  • Avoidance of future ‘ecotaxing’ or ‘ecopenalties’.
  • Protection from future energy price hikes.
  • Reduction of the costs of ‘sick building syndrome’ effects on employee comfort.
  • Maintaining resale value in the face of obligatory building energy efficiency evaluation.

If you are ready so are we.

If our motifs mimic the past we do not belong in the present. The future will always prefer the authentic to the pastiche. We take an active roll in creating the heritage of the future.

Liberate the poetic from the pragmatic and the numinous from the inanimate.

Close association over many years with the landscape design practice D.Paysage means we can complete our offer of service with a complete design package from start to finish from external works and planting thru building design, renovation and new build.

Interior design, furniture design, space planning.

Elegance without redundancy.
Strive for the simple solution – creating magnificence in the chaos of contrived complexity is sheer good luck or the result of a limitless budget and indulging clients.

Functionality is the bottom line
Beauty is a function.